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The day when blue fire burned us

Land fires re-occur on the slopes of Mount Ijen Banyuwangi, East Java. This time the fire engulfed the plantation area of ​​PTPN XII Blawan, Ijen Bondowoso District.

The head of the regional bksda, Rusdi said, fires began to be seen since 11:00 this afternoon. But until now, the fire has not been extinguished because of the difficulty of the location that must be taken.

"Land fires on the edge of a mountainside, originally from rock and reeds. Its location in the plantation owned by PTPN XII Blawan, "said a guide,

The day when blue fire burned us

It was said, currently the guide members together with Perhutani Personnel, PTPN XII and members of the TNI from Banyuwangi were trying to extinguish the fire by making a path. This is intended so that the fire does not spread further and lead to residential areas.

"We have tried to extinguish it by making a partition, the location is indeed far from the settlement but if it is not anticipated it will spread even further," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of the BPBD Bondowoso Disaster Prevention and Control Division, Winarto said, the level of vulnerability of forest and land fires did increase in the dry season. There are a number of areas with a high level of citizenship in the disaster namely the Ijen Forest area.

The Banyuwangi Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) reminded the public to be aware of the possibility of a fire disaster whose potential is increasing when strong winds continue to occur.

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