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Ijen blue fire tour at night 1day from banyuwangi

Mount ijen tour from banyuwangi

1. Location-Ijen Crater

Mount Ijen Volcano, located on National park near the border of Bondowoso and Banyuwangi, East Java. Tourists can choose the point of the nearest runway. When using the plane or Rent car, it can choose the destination flights to Banyuwangi, Malang, and Surabaya. After that can continue using public transportation or Rent car.This ijen is one of the Places of interest in east java

2. Can See ijen Blue Fire tour

One of the destinations of tourists coming to Ijen Crater to explore Adventure tours see the blue fire. If you want to see a blue fire, of course, you have to climb first. The height of the crater is about 2,443 meters above sea level. Need to know, bursts of blue flame in Ijen is one of two locations in the world besides Iceland.Local people called api biru,

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3. Best Time Seeing Blue Fire

Tourist can not see blue fire all the time. There are certain times to witness its beauty. There is also time is around 12.00 to 04.00.Before sunrise,

4. Ijen Miners

in the Crater Not only enjoy the natural scenery, but you can also watch the activities of the miners there. The miners usually come down to the bottom of the crater to collect the sulfur chunks. After getting it they take it and accommodated at the top of the mountain. Keep in mind, the miners so have the courage and do it in a conventional way, just rely on energy from his body. and now many miner becomeTour guides for  Adventure tour for tourist that Trip to ijen volcano,

5. A beautiful ijen sunrise spot at Ijen Crater

The moment that you can get there is the beauty of the sunrise on Mount Ijen. From this mountain also tourists can see the beautiful charm of mountains in other areas such as from eastern crater Ijen saw a peak of Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta. Then also other mountains such as the summit of Mount Raung, Mount Suket, and Mount Ranti. Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi,

6. Where to stay near ijen crater”?

just book our Package tour and we manage everything for you included Airport transfer to

ijen blue fire tour at night

Ijen blue fire tour from banyuwangi

Not only beautiful viewed with the naked eye, but Ijen Crater can also be an instagramable spot. Especially if you have the opportunity to see the blue fire, then you can capture through the photo. In addition, you can take pictures while climbing, as well as photos with beautiful scenery of the lake or Ijen Crater in the morning.

Mount ijen tour from banyuwangi packages


Day 1


Our driver will pick you up from Banyuwangi Train Station or Ketapang Harbor or Banyuwangi Airport by private car and then we will take you to your accommodation in banyuwangi for Check in hotel, if you not tire we bring you to Rice field,waterfall or plantation (optional), Free program



At 01:00 AM (early morning), We will use our vehicle to go to the village of Licin and then continue to the slope of Mount Ijen, passing through plantations and rainforest.

This is one of the few remaining on the island of Java with giant ferns and plants, big trees, this journey takes approximately a half an hour from the hotel.

Arriving at the parking area of Mount Ijen. Approximately 1 until 1.5 hours will be required to ascend slope of mount Ijen to reach a peak of Ijen Crater and along the path, You will enjoy the stunning natural scenery with fresh air & shady.

Resting on the edge of the crater at an altitude of 2483 meters and enjoy the best panorama of the lake of sulfate where reflects a spectacular view in the surrounding walls to give the impression like doom. and if you want to see the blue flame we need to go down to the crater together with our guide and sulfur mining, the workers go down into the crater and climb back up by passing dangerous path on the edge of Ijen Crater with the load as much as 80 kilograms on their shoulders.

We go to a sunrise spot and After that, You can enjoy the natural scenery at Crater of Ijen then we trekking down to the parking area where our vehicle is waiting for you then back to the hotel for having breakfast. Then check-out,

our driver will take you to Ketapang Harbour or Train Station or Banyuwangi Airport.

program finish 


- pick up service from the train station or bus terminal around banyuwangi

– Private transport go and back

- free pick up from wherever in banyuwangi

– Experience Driver

- 1-night accommodation in banyuwangi

– English English speaking or Local Guide

– Breakfast

– Entrance fee Ticket to Ijen Crater

– Petrol, fee parking,

- Private tour,


– Meals (lunch & dinner)

– Personal Expenses

– Travel Insurance

Back Home

$ 60/Person

Minimum Booking is 2 people

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